شعار-شركة-الشاعرSHAIRCO Group was founded in 1979 years and was committed to working on industrial development in order to serve the community. This party felt the seriousness of the problem of damaged tyres in the Kingdom, from which the Saudi society suffers in terms of health and environment. As they form a fertile environment for mosquitos and insects and the spread of dengue fever and infectious diseases. Therefore, the group resorted to studying the best ways to get rid of damaged tires in a healthy and safe way through recycling and conversion into raw materials in the form of rubber granules. The research and Development Department in the company studied the best use of these granules in final products of High quality.

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Nabaa Al Wessal (NAW)” and also opened NAW Recycling factory in the town of Wajh in order for it to be the largest Saudi manufacturer in the Middle East to produce rubber powder  rubber rolls and rubber tiles of all different using the latest German technology in this field.