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Nabaa Alwessal Company Created a division specializing in sports projects, which consists of engineers, supervisors and skilled labour trained for the best and most efficient installation methods. Our installation team is unique for its experience, in addition to the projects team NAW uses state of the art machinery to ensure post-implementation


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Why Rubber Flooring?

Our factory produces high quality rubber floors made of recycled material.
This is how we uniquely save the environment, in addition to the other characteristics that make this the perfect result for a wide range of applications in buildings, stadiums, and closed halls.



What is the appropriate rubber
flooring system for your project?

Selection of the appropriate floor requires experience in project implementation for optimal floors that suit your sporting wishes in the gym, whether internal or external, to gain balance between flexibility, long-lasting, and durability. And the applicable for several uses , such as basketball and volleyball courts as well as indoor for gyms & weight rooms .

Safety Rubber Floors


Pool Areas                          Walking paths

Bicycle lanes                      Playgrounds of children

fall - height to rubber thickness scale

Rubber floors inside buildings:

Our products are internationally certified for use in domestic buildings such as offices, theaters, and others with  high-performance, as they are specified  by engineering offices and interior designers to fit the place and the design and requested colors.


The most important standards for rubber flooring are :

-Safety : Floors that feature more safety properties | For children, the infirm, sound insulation,

-Beauty: Floors that feature more aesthetic properties | Entrances, offices, theaters, indoor decor.

-Durability: high durability products | Horse stables, parking lots, sidewalks, general military training.

-International courts based on international standards based on international standards (tennis, basketball, handball,)

-Multipurpose flooring.

Polyurethane Sports Flooring Systems :

This system (NAWPure) Standards multi–use gymnasium system as per international standers and is a unique mixture of polyurethane with rubber.

Acrylic multipurpose flooring :

NAW Acrylic - Multipurpose Acrylic System as per International standard which is made with a unique mixing of rubber & acrylic coats .

International Courts Line Marking and Colors :

line making of courts  according to the international specifications for each venue  individually, or choosing multiple linings which combines four or three pitches in one court, our engineering team designs the drawing as per your requirements

All running tracks systems :

Running track systems offered by Nabaa Alwessal (NAW) match international  standards and weather conditions , to reach the highest performance and durability  in all external weather conditions.