Recycling & Manufacturing


A number of environmental experts warned of the seriousness of the three types of waste which would constitute a threat to the environment in the near future and which are atomic, medical, and waste  tyres. Waste tyres have started to pose a serious threat due to the difficulty of getting rid of them.  A wasted tyre in normal conditions and away from any external or chemical factors will require hundreds of years to completely disintegrate. The biggest problem is that many countries when disposing of tires burn them or bury them, posing a significant threat to human health and the environment.




Nabaa Alwessal (NAW) factory recycles more than 3 million tyres per year, and converts them to useful rubber granules, and the research & development Department of the company studied the best uses for rubber granules by converting them to high quality end products, including a production line specializing in the production of rubber rolls used in sports clubs, and the production line for sound insulation made of rubber, as well as technologies for asphalt rubber, and insulating paints.

All of this is being produced under the roof of one factory, made by Saudi industry and global techniques and a quality rivaling the best manufacturers of the world.


Rubber powder is produced in three sizes: with a capacity of about 3 tons per hour
quality control of the final product is done through rigorous examination and laboratory check during and after the manufacturing process, by conducting several tests including

Impurities examination
Mechanical, physical and chemical product specifications
Analysis of product size

Our factory is unique in its production of rubber rolls and rubber tiles for intern & external use on different stages using the latest global technology.
At various lengths and thicknesses that fit all uses, from sports floors to safe floors.




Production of rubber rolls:

Nabaa Alwessal (NAW) factory also
produces and sells recycled rubber rolls used
in flooring and internal buildings and for
many other uses using international standard.



Slip-resistant in wet surfaces
Durability in public area
High resistance to friction
Available in several attractive colors
High resistance to weather conditions
Easy cleaning with every day detergents
protects children and players from fall injury
provides tangible relief when walking or running or performing sport
After sale service.
Our implemented works are insured for a period of 5 years.

Production of rubber tiles

Nabaa Alwessal (NAW) factory produces all types of rubber tiles with appropriate colors and thicknesses to fit all needs, such as internal sports clubs, corridors, stages, lecture halls, factories, and horse stables walls. In addition to many other uses using international standards .

Safe surfaces for horse and cow stables (made from recycled rubber):

We manufacture floors for horse and cow stables of many types to cover the walls or floors with dense and suitable properties for horses and cattle, and also compact rubber tiles used in hallways suitable for horses hooves , as well as covering the walls and doors of recovery rooms.


comfort - provides better comfort for horses and cows
Health - high protection for veterinary room walls and recovery rooms
Reassurance – during and after operations on animals


floors for horse and cow stables
The walls and operation rooms for animals
Recovery rooms for animals
protection and quarantine rooms