Our Rubber Factory

Nabaa Alwessal (NAW) factory recycles more than 3 million tyres per year, and converts them to useful rubber granules, and the research & development Department of the company studied the best uses for rubber granules by converting them to high quality end products, including a production line specializing in the production of rubber rolls used in sports clubs, and the production line for sound insulation made of rubber, as well as technologies for  asphalt rubber, and insulating paints. All of this is being produced under the roof of one factory, made by Saudi industry and global techniques and a quality rivaling the best manufacturers of the world.

Rubber powder is produced in three sizes: with a capacity  of about 3 tons per hour.



يستخرج نسيج نايلون يستخدم فى السجاد



استخراج الحديد ويعاد صهره


 rubber/  مطاط

الاسفلت المطاطى/حبيبات مطاط/قوالب مطاطيه/ارضيات مرنة ورياضية

quality control of the final product is done through rigorous examination and laboratory check during and after the manufacturing process, by conducting several tests including:

* Impurities examination           * Mechanical, physical and chemical product specifications

* Analysis of product size           * Humanity