Rubber Rolls Manufacturing

Rolls rubber acoustic insulation

synthetic prefabricated rubber roll

rubber paving tiles (NAW-Colored rolls)

 Compressed rubber Rolls (NAW-Black rolls)

Nabaa Alwessal (NAW) factory also produces and sells recycled rubber rolls used in flooring  and internal buildings and for many other uses using international standard.

  1. Slip-resistant in wet surfaces
  2. Durability in public area
  3. High resistance to friction
  4. Available in several attractive colors
  5. High resistance to weather conditions
  1. Easy cleaning with every day detergents
  2. protects children and players from fall injury
  3. provides tangible relief when walking or
  4.  running or performing sport
  5. After sale service.
  6. Our implemented works are insured for a period of 5 years.