Children safe floors made of EPDM rubber

The rubber floors provided by Nabaa al-Wesal combine the two advantages of providing safe flooring, along with the aesthetic touch and shape of the flooring, these floors are made of EPDM; which are rubber granules, strong and resilient to external weather factors, and can be decorated with attractive graphics and in different colours. Nabaa al-Wesal imports the best types and provides a warranty with the implementation of safe flooring projects. This is done by well trained and certified installation crews, to install this type of flooring for your convenience.


*One of the most durable flooring options that withstand the weather factors

*Ideal, where you add to expressive drawings and colors for a delightful and joyful dimension that suits children

*Easy to clean, where foreign objects can be removed with a blower or water.

Basic Specifications:

Consists of two layers: a pillow layer made of clean rubber recycled from automobile tyres; the second layer for decoration; consisting of fine granules of EPDM rubber

Choose from different product options to meet the specific needs of your site, floors could be installed on asphalt and concrete or on some normal tile types.