NAW Recycling has developed the single best vertically integrated system for the manufacture of re-bonded crumb rubber  from recycled tires. our patented processes ensure optimal durability and precise quality control.


Recycled rubber flooring products made from scrap tires is becoming the product of choice for architects, engineers, landscapers and the general public as more people are discovering the unique benefits of recycled rubber flooring including; prone to spills, heavy foot traffic, and resistance to wear and tear providing excellent long term value. The built-in benefits of recycled rubber flooring include durability, natural resiliency and low maintenance costs. 

NAW Rubber flooring advantages: 

  • Durable
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use 
  • Fatigue mats – a great surface for areas where people are standing all day in production facilities or supermarket check outs 
  • Stable dimensions 
  • Shock and sound absorbent 
  • Static and Slip Resistant 
  • Water resistant *Resistant to heavy impacts 
  • Homogeneous construction and natural resistance to scuffing and scratching 
  • Color uniformity and easy to maintain 
  • No health of environmental issues 
  • Made in Saudi Arabia
  • 5 year normal warranty