NAW Rubber Sidewalks provide a flexible and porous alternative for a modern and environmentally friendly solution to cracked sidewalks, tiled playground areas, pedestrian pathways and popular fitness walkways.

 With custom design options for varying applications, including curved corners and down slopes NAW Rubber Sidewalks have a solution for your project needs.

 NAW Rubber Sidewalks are usually installed atop concrete, asphalt or compacted crushed rock at a minimum depth of 100 mm. These are two layered systems with a base layer and wear layer. The porous rubber base layer fabricated from recycled tire crumbs is usually at 25mm thickness. This crumb is usually small black granules well compacted but still allowing for rapid drainage.

 The wear layer of EPDM rubber is mixed with a proprietary binder and troweled evenly over the porous base layer. A wide range of EPDM colors is available so attractive colors and shaped designs can be achieved.

 NAW Rubber Sidewalks can provide a much superior and cost effective LEED® accredited alternative material to asphalt, in-situ concrete and preformed pavers. These also provide a safe and secure solution with public safety concerns in mind along with virtually maintenance free life span.



 NAW Rubber Sidewalks are permeable to allow for moisture penetrating the sub-base and reducing storm water run off

Resistance to heat and freeze thaw cycles

Safe and non-toxic, sound absorbing using local materials regionally obtained and recycled in-house

Environmentally friendly using recycled scrap tire rubber manufactured in-Kingdom by NAW Recycling

End of life recycling

Attractive color schemes and cost effective surfacing solutions

Design and installation package deals provided

LEED® accredited green building materials for safe environmental designs

100% recycled post-consumer materials with black crumb rubber sub-base

Crumb rubber base materials are manufactured in-Kingdom at the NAW Recycling state-of-the-art tire recycling facility located in Al Wajh Industrial area