Asphalt rubber specified by the High Commission for the development of Arriyadh (ADA)

NAW Recycling is now producing high grade recycled tire rubber (RTR) suitable for all international asphalt rubber specifications meeting the most stringent requirements in order to provide the best results for asphalt rubber paving mix design. The High Commission for the Development of Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken it upon itself to introduce for the first time in the Gulf the use of Asphalt Rubber in its “Development of King Abdullah Road” Project with an intend to minimize sound, improve safety, reduce maintenance cost and help environment by utilizing (GREEN technique) recycled tire rubber. The 1st phase of King Abdullah Road Development Project aims at turning the road into an expressway that serves more than 520,000 vehicles per day instead of 190,000, and also aims at creating a distinguished urban, economic and social environment and making the road ready to accommodate the new railway line and the advanced traffic management systems, Acting ADA President Eng. Ibrahim Al-Sultan said. The Development Project of King Abdullah Road is part of a comprehensive plan made by ADA to develop the transportation system in Riyadh. The plan aims at providing safe and comfortable means of transportation through sustainable transportation system that meets both the present and future requirements, ADA acting president Ibrahim Al-Sultan added.