Rubber pavers give you a long lasting, comfortable, and slip resistant replacement to the hard surfaces once found in the stables from years ago. Rubber pavers are the new choice in flooring for breeding stables across the country. These pavers are easy to install and are virtually maintenance free while being offered in 3 beautiful equestrian colors. Rubber pavers provide your valuable investment with a safe, comfortable, slip resistant surface in both dry and wet conditions. Also feel pride in purchasing these rubber pavers knowing that they are made in the KSA.

Material : Our rubber pavers are made from 100% high-quality recycled SBR tire rubber.

Size : Each paver is 196.85 mm x 158.75mm x 111.12 mm (36.75 pavers per sq.m)

Thickness : 7/8" (22.225 mm) or 1 3/4" ( 44.450 mm)

Weight : 1.2 lbs (544.31 grams) or 2.5 lbs (1134.0 grams)